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Bowl Spoons Beaker

Ever wonder what a smidgen, a pinch and a dash were? Now you know!
dash=1/8 t
pinch=1/16 t
smidgen=1/32 t

Hard to find Sizes:
1/3 t, 3/4 t, 1 1/2 t
1 BOLD TEXT- Large, easy-to-read measurements
2 CONTEMPORARY DESIGN- Looks stylish in every kitchen
3 ENGINEERED MEASUREMENTS- Exact measurements guaranteed every time
4 COMFORT GRIP- Thumb depression and matte finish makes spoons easy to hold and use
5 COMPLETE SET- Hard-to-find sizes allow you to use exact size spoon for every recipe
6 NESTING- Spoons next together to reduce storage space
7 SCRAPER- Level your ingredients for exact measurements
8 MINI-SET- Ever wonder what a smidgen, pinch and dash were? Now you know!
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