"The Original Spill-Proof Bowl"


POURfect® 12 Piece plus Leveler Spoon Set

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All 6 sizes POURfect Spill-Proof Bowl Set

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Wood Ear Muschroomery

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POURfect® 4 Cup Beaker

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6-8 Cup POURfect Spill-Proof Bowl Set

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...the Pourfect Bowl is absolute brilliance!


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6-8 Cup POURfect Spill-Proof Bowl Set

Price: $20.00

“The Original Spill-Proof Bowl”
Eight unique features make this the last measure,
mix & pour bowl you will ever need.

6 Cup

8 Cup

Download Instructions Here

Made in the U.S.A.

1 GRIP - Rests comfortably over your index finger, using your palm and thumb instead of grasping with your fingers.
2 EGG CRACKING LEDGE - Convenient location to crack eggs while keeping the entire cracked egg inside the bowl.
3 MEASURING GUIDE - English and Metric measurements inside the bowl.
4 GULL WINGS - Fold ingredients back into bowl toward the pouring spout COMPLETELY eliminating overspill.
5 RUBBER RING - Non-slip rubber ring adds stability to POURfect® Bowl when mixing ingredients
6 CHANNEL - Aligns ingredients to flow smoothly to the pouring spout
7 PIVOT - Securely positions bowl on another container improving control while pouring
8 DRIPLESS SPOUT- Flat edge on spout stops drip from running down the front of the POURfect® Bowl

We have colors available in bowls, spoons, cups, and 5050 to match your kitchen-aid stand mixer! Imperial Red, Majestic Yellow, Pear, Blue Willow, Caviar, and Tangerine. If you would like your POURfect Products in one of these colors please make a request in the notes section at the bottom of your order.

Customer Reviews:

Ms Lorette  (Monday, 12 January 2009)
So long Pyrex. You spill when I want to pour.rnI love the Pourfect bowls as well as the (2cup)beaker. (I am waiting for the one cup which is back ordered.) They are true to your claims. I can also heat my milk in the microwave (5 mins.)for homemade yogurt and the milk has room to bubble and the wings keep it from bubbling over. I use the largest bowl for one quart of yogurt. I can pour the yogurt in the containers for the incabator without losing a drop of the soon to be yogurt. Love your product.

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